Client Testimonies

testimonyI genuinely cannot say enough good things about COH and the staff there. The level of care, love, and support is unmatched. We have a pretty interesting, wild birth story and everyone at COH has been there along the way! We first met Mrs. Kelli & Mrs. Mandy when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t have a “crisis” pregnancy but I felt like I was in crisis at the beginning and really up until the end. I had a miscarriage back in 2019 so this was our rainbow baby and needless to say, I was worried around the clock about our sweet baby. I think I came in to the clinic maybe twice a week for the first few weeks/months atleast. Anytime I was feeling anxious or couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat at home on my doppler, I would text/call Mrs. Kelli to see if she could get me in for an ultrasound, I can’t even recall a day that she told me no or she couldn’t see me. She would welcome us with open arms at each visit and reassured us that baby was healthy and growing perfectly. - M