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Are you thinking about parenting but want to learn more about what to expect? Want to learn how to stretch your money to make sure you have enough for essentials and fun? Wondering what a healthy relationship looks like and how to work toward one?

No matter what educational opportunities you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We offer a multitude of educational classes at no-cost to you, because we believe that education equals empowerment. The more you know, the more you will feel confident to take healthy steps forward in your life.

We offer the following classes on a rolling basis. If you’re interested, reach out today to get enrolled!

Parenting Classes

While parenting doesn’t come with a manual, learning all you can will help you feel more prepared to parent confidently. Plus, every time you complete coursework or exercises, you will earn “baby bucks” that can be used to purchase items (like diapers, wipes, furniture, and more!) from our baby boutique.

What to Expect During Pregnancy

Wondering how your body might change during pregnancy? Wondering what to eat and if you need to take vitamins? Learn all this and much more during this essential prenatal class. You’ll also get equipped for birth by learning what to expect during birth and pain-management techniques.

Newborn Care 101

Whether this is your first or fifth baby, learning the essentials of newborn care is important. During Newborn Care 101, you’ll discover how to create newborn sleep and feeding schedules that work, breastfeeding tips, newborn first aid, and much more.

Disciplining Basics

The toddler years happen fast, but you can avoid the “terrible twos” by implementing disciplining strategies early. Get prepared for the toddler years with this essential course.

Life Skills Classes

Budgeting Basics

Times are financially difficult. Amidst inflation, the cost of everything seems to be rising, and you’re likely worried about the cost of adding another member to your family. However, budgeting is the answer! This class will help you create a budget that works and enables you to pay your bills, have margin for a new family member, all while paying off debts and adding to your savings.

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

What does a healthy relationship look like? And how can you take steps to foster one? This course will answer all these questions and more!

You have options.