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Did you recently get a positive pregnancy test result? Did you know that this is only the first step in confirming your pregnancy? Ultrasound is the next step. Ultrasound is a simple scan that confirms your pregnancy and gives you the essential details you need to know to stay safe.

How Does Ultrasound Work?

Unlike X-rays or CT scans, which use radiation, ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of your internal structures. During pregnancy, ultrasound is a critical diagnostic tool that looks at your uterus, pregnancy, and surrounding organs.

During an ultrasound appointment, a transducer (the wand-like part of the ultrasound machine) emits the sound waves, while the screen shows your pregnancy. There are two types of ultrasound used during pregnancy: transvaginal or abdomial. A transvaginal ultrasound is more invasive, as the transducer is placed gently inside the vagina. This is used earlier in pregnancy, as it provides a clearer image. Later in pregnancy, abdominal ultrasound is used; it’s non-invasive, as the transducer is moved along your abdomen.

Why Is an Ultrasound Essential During Pregnancy?

Ultrasound is a vital tool during pregnancy. Once you receive a positive pregnancy test result, an ultrasound scan will confirm that you are pregnant. This is important because it’s possible to have miscarried after receiving a positive pregnancy test result.

Ultrasound will also help determine your pregnancy’s gestational age and location (which is important for diagnosing ectopic pregnancy, a life-threatening situation that needs immediate medical intervention).

Where Can I Receive a Free Pregnancy Ultrasound?

At Choices of the Heart, we offer no-cost, limited ultrasounds during pregnancy. We do this because we believe that every woman deserves to have access to essential health services.

If you received a positive pregnancy test result at home, or if you think you might be pregnant, contact us to schedule a confidential appointment today.

You’re not alone as you navigate your pregnancy options. We’re here for you.

You have options.